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Smart Mobility Program
How to bring trust, security and convenience to mobile services and applications? This central question gathers mobile ecosystems players and smart security industry at Smart Mobility.

Security experts, mobile operators, applications developers, handset manufacturers, banks... will discuss technologies, solutions, lessons learned for building trusted mobile applications. Among the hot topics: m-payment, TSM role, Corporate mobility, cloud computing, M to M, NFC...

Smart Mobility parallel streams:

Smart Mobility Ecosystem-Components
Trust and security in mobile phones and emerging trusted mobile technologies

Smart Mobility Applications & UseCases
Major mobile applications based on handset and other devices, with a focus on NFC based applications and m-payment

DAY 1 - Wednesday Sept. 22 - Morning
Smart Event 2010 Grand Opening Session - Plenary Session
9.00am - 10.00am

Badges delivery - Registration - Welcome Coffee

10.00am - 12.45am
Smart Event 2010 Grand Opening Session - Plenary Session
Part 1: "Privacy and Trust in Future Social Networking"
Part 2 - Panel: "Trusted Mobility: Smart Security Vs. IT Security?"
12.45am - 2.00pm
Lunch - Networking - Exhibition
Part 1: "Privacy and Trust in Future Social Networking"
Plenary session chaired by Jacques Bus, independent consultant Trust in the Information Society

Hundreds of millions of people share personal information on online social networks. The extensive use of social networking tools has far-reaching impact on our professional and personal life. It also creates a tremendous privacy and trust issue in a world facing growing concerns about massive profiling, protection of personal data, identity theft and other cybercrime offenses.

The challenge of sharing information between social networks while ensuring privacy and trust will be discussed in multiple dimensions:
- User centric identity and privacy management, centralized/decentralized ID architectures
- Data protection, profiling, privacy protection, security, and interoperability issues of social networks
- How Europe can play a role in the development of the next generation of social networks
- What are the essential changes for the next generations of social networks
- Economic, societal and legal viability of social networking

Outstanding keynote speakers will include:
Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director of ENISA
 Pr Ronald Leenes, Professor in Regulation by Technology at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (Tilburg University)
 Florin Lupescu, Director for ICT Addressing Societal Challenges, European Commission
 Hal Warren, OpenID Society President
 Dr Stefan Weiss, Advisory, Risk & Compliance, KPMG

U. Helmbrecht
R. Leenes
F. Lupescu
H. Warren
S. Weiss

Part 2 - Panel:
Trusted Mobility: IT security Vs Smart security

in partnership with: 

The Information Technology landscape has been revolutionised by the emergence of the personal computer and Internet. The security issues associated with access management, trusted systems, identity management and data integrity have been key challenges for such systems.

The environment continues to evolve rapidly with greater functionality been imbedded in smaller and smaller devices. The emerging generation of smart phones and PDAs harness a level of computing power and connectivity that allow us to control our lives quickly and easily while on the move. With this convenience comes a dangerous possibility: an intruder on these devices may be able to penetrate nearly every aspect of our lives. Even with improved security next generation mobile devices lead to complex regulatory issues.
In order to provide the control over privacy it is important to address a few critical issues including:
Scalability. The system can consist of very large number of devices that communicate with each other to provide information security protection (authentication, data encryption, access control, etc.).
Heterogeneity. The devices are expected of very different capabilities including those that have very limited resources.
Domain and cross-domain issues. The security solution must be provided not only within one domain, but also across multiple security/trust domains.
Security model. Developing of the underlying security model with privacy aspects in mind is very important. This would help identify the threats, to define the interfaces between domains as well as define a balance between security and QoS:
Privacy Regulation. The solution should support and be transparent to the privacy regulation.

The "Trusted Mobility: IT security Vs Smart security" session will discuss the key security challenges which the academic and business community need to address in order to secure this new environment.
It will look at priorities for investment in terms of research, development and regulatory challenges required to protect the citizen and his privacy in such an environment.

Panellists will include:
- Pr Willie Donnelly, Head Research and Innovation, TSSG, Waterford Institute
- Claudia Eckert, Director Fraunhofer SIT, Vice Director CASED, Chair IT security at TUM
- Mika Lauhde, Director Security and Business Continuity, Nokia
- Pr Thomas Engel, Deputy Director, Center for Security Dependability and Trust, University of Luxembourg
- and representatives from Gemalto, RIM, Orange…

DAY 1 - Wednesday Sept. 22 - Afternoon
Bringing Trust to Mobile Phones

Trusted Mobile Services and m-Payment
2.00pm - 6.15pm
2 parallel sessions:
Bringing Trust to Mobile Phones
• Trusted Mobile Services and m-Payment
3.30pm - 4.15pm
Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition
Bringing Trust to Mobile Phones
Moderator: Ammar Alkassar, CEO, Sirrix AG security technologies

Trust and Security in mobile phones remains a central question for the whole mobile industry. Designing/developing secure and convenient mobile services leads to rethink the approach of Digital Security. Security experts from Mobile, Smart and IT Security universes present and discuss secure element, open platforms, device management...

Self declaration versus validation and certification - What does the mobile industry need to demonstrate security?
Silke Mergler, Manager Business Strategy, Brightsight (Netherlands)
- Is the mobile terminal secure enough to protect sensitive information?
- What level of assurance is needed?
- Pros and cons of self-declaration versus validation and certification.

Smart OpenID
Andreas Leicher, Senior Researcher, Novalyst IT (Germany) Speaker - Andreas U. Schmidt, Novalyst IT (Germany) - Inhyok Cha, Yogendra Shah, InterDigital Communications
- OpenID: a promising, lightweight IdM and SSO for mobile business
- Interplay of smart card, network, and device
- Mobile OpenID on SCWS architecture and technology vision
- Business cases, stakeholders, and revenue streams

Powering handsets with secure elements
Virginie Galindo, Technical Marketing, Speaker - Jean-Francois Rubon, Director Handsets Technology & Mobile Innovation , Wireless - Gemalto (France)
- Open-ness versus Security
- Use cases for open mobiles requiring security
- Initiatives to integrate Secure Elements in Open OS

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

Leveraging mobile phones for authentication
Nicolas Fort, Product Manager, Vasco (Belgium)
- Overview of existing online/mobile threats
- Share best practices in implementing strong authentication
- Challenges when implementing authentication for mobile channels

Time for a full device management solution
Mohamed Toukourou Business developer, Convergence and Solution Product Line, speaker;  Armand Lecorche, Solution Design & Business Development Director, Oberthur Technologies (France)
- Why mobile operators need new tools to manage increasingly complex value-added services
- SIM OTA and Device management solutions flaws
- The new Full Device Management platform

Can I trust the mobile phone?
Jaap de Vos, Senior Security Manager, Brightsight (Netherlands) Speaker - Jan Blonk, Brightsight (Netherlands)
- Why third party developers of secure applications cannot trust the current mobile phone
- Examples of security flaws are all over the internet.
- A flexible evaluation concept to provide trust to application developers.
Trusted Mobile Services and m-Payment
Moderator: Sergio Cozzolino, Mobile ICT SM Vice President and GSMA SCaG Chairman,
Telecom Italia

The highest level of trust required by mobile payment and cash transactions challenges the mobile ecosystems. This session explores Trusted Services Manager's role and the new rules of m-commerce and its stakeholders. Key enhancements for m-payment transactions will be presented.

What are the real alternatives for banks to offer mobile payments
Liisa Kanniainen, Executive Director, Mobey Forum
- Current mobile financial services ecosystem, stakeholders and value chain
- Secure element role, different form factors available.
- The key questions that financial institutions should address
- Future industry recommendations.

Tsm2.0, Evolution of the TSM model in the NFC ecosystem
Jean-Philippe Betoin, President, Cassis International Europe (France)
- The initial role of the TSM, what is at stake?
- Position of major stakeholders in transport, payment, mobile telephony
- Return on experience of current trials and tentative deployments,
- Evolution and perspective of the TSM model

eCommerce - Changing the rules
Peter Broekroelofs, CTO, Co-Founder, Service2Media (Netherlands)
- Applications and options that drive ARPU, customer acquisition and retention
- Paying for Content - why now and why not?
- Implementation of a full service mobile commerce solution - the lessons

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

Biometric concepts for mobile payment
Jonas Andersson, Vice President, Business Development, Precise Biometrics (Sweden) - Karin Sveheim, Director Markets, Precise Biometrics (Sweden)
- Mobile payment with biometric cardholder verification
- Why Biometric CVM will lift transaction value cap
- Biometric Match-on-Card to stop skimming without any impact on backoffice

Mobile financial services for smartphones
Christophe Colas, Product Marketing Director, Trusted Logic (France)
- What are the latest innovative solutions in mobile financial services?
- How to bring mobile financial services to smartphones?
- How to use securely a smartphone for financial transactions?

Trusted services enabling commercial NFC deployment
Tero Mononen, Customer Projects, Venyon (Finland)
- Alternatives for SIM and implications
- Split roles of TSM
- Business model for TSM

Status on m-payment in North America
Dawood Khan, Partner, RedMobile Consulting (Canada)
- The en route to commercialization of mobile payments in Canada
- The US opportunities, challenges and overall state of affairs

DAY 2 - Thursday Sept. 23 - Morning
Cloud Computing &
Emerging Trusted Mobile Technologies
Trusted Mobile Services &
9.00am - 12.45am
2 parallel sessions:
Cloud Computing & Emerging Trusted Mobile Technologies
• Trusted Mobile Services & Applications
10.30pm - 11.15pm
Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition
12.45am - 2.00pm
Lunch - Networking - Exhibition
Cloud Computing & Emerging Trusted Mobile Technologies
Moderator: Alex Manea, Team Lead, BlackBerry Security - RIM (Canada)

If not a new technology, Cloud Computing reformulates the "trust challenge" of professional mobile applications. Review and assessment of this innovative service architecture from security standpoint.

Cloud computing and security/privacy
Christian Goire, Head of Advanced Technology Strategy, Gemalto (France)
- Cloud Computing, not a new technology but a new business model
- Need for security, - Need for Privacy
- Propositions

Safety in cloud computing
Mark Hopper, Vice President, Product Management & Product Marketing Multimedia & Convergence, Smith Micro Software (USA)
- Cloud computing: a paradigm shift in service architecture
- Security: new programs are safe and easy to use
- Customizable: programs fit enterprise needs.

Making Smart Cards Even Smarter- Providing Services Off-line
Surinder Paul, Director Market Development, SAP (France) Speaker - Pascal Bar, Development Manager SAP (France)
- Calculate the price of transactions on your smart card/phone
- Smart card/phone as an autonomous device for transport ticketing, m-payment...
- Huge savings on infrastructure costs for NFC services

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

Trusted Mobile Services & Applications
Moderator: Wolfgang Effing, Group Vice President, Deputy CTO, Giesecke & Devrient GmbH

This session covers some outstanding mobile applications based on handsets and other devices. Review and analyse the latest approaches, methods, industry initiatives to build secure and trustworthy applications on mobile devices: location-based services, mobile video issues, SIM based applications...

Security and privacy issues in a GPS-enabled mobile application for smart traffic
Vasileios Manolopoulos, PhD Student, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm (Sweden) Speaker - Saul Rodriguez, Researcher, RaMSIS Group; Mohammed Ismail, Professor & Director RaMSIS Group; Ana Rusu, Associate Professor, School of ICT -KTH Stockhom (Sweden)
- A mobile application for smart traffic information system
- Data gathering from GPS-enabled mobile devices
- Communication through a secure channel
- Preserving users' privacy

Trusted video
Robert G. (Bob) Logan, Director, Dialogic Media Labs (USA)
- The evolving IP communications industry
- Mobile video, the key to the future of IP communications
- New technologies for safe and secure video content accessible to everyone

Securing DRM
Antoine Huber, Product Marketing Manager, Professional & Consumer Devices, Trusted Logic (France)
- Which security level do I need for DRM service implementation on my mobile?
- What are the different existing solutions available for each security level?
- How my platform architecture can impact my security implementation?

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

SIM based contactless services from the user's perspective
Lars Schnake, Product Marketing Manager, Speaker, Carsten Fischer Product Marketing Manager -  Morpho, e-Documents Division (Germany)
- Outline SIM based contactless technology from application & solution point of view
- Present experience from NFC field trials and user studies
- How to improve usability for the end user ? Pros and Cons of user interfaces and interaction concepts are discussed.
- What is the commercial prospect ? Will we get the app-store for contactless services ?

The best mobile web services simplified
Mark Hopper, Vice President, Product Management & Product Marketing Multimedia & Convergence, Smith Micro Software (USA)
- People use their mobile devices for everything today
- Users feel empowered to take their life mobile
- Video has stolen the spotlight and there is an emphasis on improved video quality.

An evolutionary test-bed for infomobility service integration
Paolo Cianchi, CEO, Negentis (Italy) - Dino Giuli, Full Professor, Univ. of Florence, Dept. Of Electronics & Telecommunications - Federica Paganelli, Senior Researcher, National Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT), Univ of Florence - Stefano Cuomo, Project Manager, CNIT, Univ of Florence
- Model, design and development of a test-bed of integrated infomobility system
- Integration of legacy systems and novel applications components
- Quality of services for trust requirements
Lunch - Networking - Exhibition

DAY 2 - Thursday Sept. 23 - Afternoon
Enterprise Mobility & Emerging Trusted Mobile Technologies
M2M & Smart Mobile Objects
NFC, contactless & RFID Applications - Part 1
2.00pm - 6.15pm
2 parallel sessions:
Enterprise Mobility & Emerging Trusted Mobile Technologies
and M2M & Smart Mobile Objects
NFC, contactless & RFID Applications - Part 1
3.30pm - 4.15pm
Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition
Enterprise Mobility & Emerging Trusted Mobile Technologies
Moderator:Dawood Khan, Partner, RedMobile Consulting (Canada)

This session addresses the trust challenges of the ever-rising use of mobile applications in companies, from strong authentication to remote support.

Open Secure Mobile System
Julien Probst, CEO, Sysmosoft (Switzerland) Speaker - Mark Vincent, CTO, Sysmosoft (Switzerland) - Markus Jaton, Professor at HEIG-VD (Switzerland)
- Enterprise’s data confidentiality issue using mobile devices
- Strong Authentication based on a smart “companion” proximity
- Provide and control professional applications and resources using secured way
Secure access to corporate resources for Mobile and Smartphone
Nicolas Devillard, Mobility Product Manager (speaker); Mehdi Bermy, Marketing Director; Sherley Brothier, CTO, OpenTrust (France)
- Export Trust to mobile
- Strong PKI-based authentication for mobile (for WiFi, VPN, e-mail)
- Electronic Signature on Mobile
- Easy certificate on mobile life cycle management

Secure mobile access to the enterprise cloud - Gijs van Kersen, Head of Mobile & SP Security Marketing EMEA, Juniper Networks (Belgium)
- Deliver reliable, secure mobile access is the latest challenge to IT
- Juniper Networks' secure access client for smartphone platforms
- How trusted mobile applications can be securely managed

SIPTalk: A light IMS-like Platform for Telecommunication Services
Rachidi Tajjeeddine, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Al Akhawayn

University in Ifrane (Morocco) Speaker - Asmae Mourhir, Dr Fouad Chaatit, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (Morocco)
- Why Operators are not massively adopting IMS
- SIPTalk an IMS-like light solution
- Services offered by SIPTalk
- Architecture, design patterns of SIPTalk

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

M2M & Smart Mobile Objects
Moderator: Jean-Noël Georges, Global Program Director, ICT-SmartCard, Frost & Sullivan

Machine to Machine and ubiquitous environments open up business opportunities for the smart security and mobile industries. Review the new security requirements of M2M and some of its advanced solutions.

François-Xavier Marseille, Senior Engineer, Embedded System Labs, Gemalto (France)
- M2M SIM based device solution under control of the service provider
- Tamper proof solution protecting network access from fraud in smart grid context
- Innovative use of Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)


Usability Engineering of the Visa CodeSure Card
Gary Douglas, Assistant director, CCIR Centre for Communication Interface Research, University of Edinburgh, Speaker - Mervyn Jack, Graeme Roy, University of Edinburgh - Doug Haggstrom, EMUE Technologies Pty - Riten Gohil, Visa Europe - Rob Hanigan, Lloyds Banking Group (UK)
- Usability of new EMUE card based on improved functionality.
- Results of controlled tests under experimental controls with real banking customers.
- Graphs and charts, timings, accuracy data from EMUE cards in on-line applications. 
- Consumer feedback and issues with the EMUE card.

Closing discussion

NFC, contactless & RFID Applications - Part 1
Moderator: Houssem Assadi, Head of the "security and trusted transactions" lab - Orange

This session over two days will provide the key results to-date and overall progress of the contactless applications rollouts around the world. Several promising NFC applications will be detailed.

Facilitating end-user choice in contactless services
Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform
- GlobalPlatform’s activity to support NFC services
- Benefits of new activation state of all applications enabled by GP technology
- Future initiatives to support this ecosystem

Mobile payment: From NFC to online transactions
Carole Cheval, Marketing Product Manager, Convergence and Solution Product Line, speaker;  Jean-François Salaun, Business Development Director, Convergence Product Line, Oberthur Technologies (France)
- NFC payments: one of the key NFC services
- Mobile secured payments: a strong authentication device always in your pocket
- Mobile portal : a comprehensive tool to manage the whole mobile payment value chain

Think global, act local: launching an interoperable mobile NFC application Platform in Nice
Pierre Noizat, Managing Director, Association for Mobile Contactless in France AFSCM
- The Cityzi specifications: building on international standards for the global mobile industry
- Facilitating the connection of Service Providers to MNOs with Cityzi
- Various NFC mobile usecases available in Nice and beyond : Payment, Transport, loyalty and information tags
- More mobile NFC handsets to come

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition


DAY 3 - Friday Sept. 24 - Morning only
NFC, contactless & RFIDS Applications - Part 2
09.00am - 11.15am
NFC, contactless & RFIDS Applications - Part 2
Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition
NFC, contactless & RFIDS Applications - Part 2
Moderator:Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform
This second part explores further NFC and other contactless innovative applications: inventory tracking, disabled people applications, biometrics applications, NFC-based mobile wallet application issues. The closing discussion will outline future trends of such applications.

Mobile RFID for high value inventory: proven to achieve zero shrink
Adrian Prezioso, CTO, TJS (USA)
- Mobile RFID inventory tracking advantages in jewelry stores
- Using wireless mobile RFID scanners and tamper-evident RFID tags
- The mobile RFID system offered as a managed service

A practical case study based on mobility, NFC and RFID for identification of objects for blind people
Miguel Sanchez-Vidales, Director of the Innovation Club, Fontificia Univ. of Salamanca (Spain) Speaker - Montserrat Mateos-Sanchez, Director of the ChipLab; Juan Fraile Nieto, Analyst of SC at the Data Process Center; Javier Bajo-Perez, Dr, Computer Science Faculty; Roberto Berjon-Gallinas, Dr, Computer Science Faculty; Encarnacion Beato-Guitierrez, Dr, Computer Science Faculty - Pontificia Univ. of Salamanca (Spain)
- Distributed architecture for object identification based on NFC and RFID
- PharmaFabula, a successful practical case for blind people

An integrated finger print Authentication with RFID access control system
Aboalsamh Hatim, Professor of Computer Science, King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
- Why is Fingerprint authentication an attractive choice for biometrics applications
- Integrating CMOS fingerprint sensor with the fingerprint Processor
- Integrating the Biometric subsystem with RFID circuit.

Coffee break - Networking - Exhibition

Multi Application mobile wallet environment for NFC services
Balazs Benyo, Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology & Economics (Hungary) Speaker - Gergely Fordos, Balint Sodor, Andras Vilmos
- Problems in multi application framework
- Architecture of the developed environment
- Scripting language elements, capability of integration in the NFC ecosystem
- Security considerations in multi application world

Results of the FP6 STOLPAN PROJECT
Alice Moroni, PhD Student, CATTID, "Sapienza" Univ. of Rome (Italy)  - Ugo Biader Ceipidor, Full Professor of Computer Science at the Mass Communication Faculty; Ylenia de Rosa, RFID Lab of CATTID; Carlo Maria Medaglia, Full Professor at the Mass Communication Faculty, Scientific Coordinator of CATTID Labs; Serena Sposato, RFID Lab of CATTID - "Sapienza" Univ. of Rome and Andras Vilmos, Managing Director, SafePay Systems, Project Manager of StoLPaN
- Advantages of building up an European NFC ecosystem
- Importance of an homogenous user experience in the creation of a multi-application framework
- Purses in mobile handsets to enhance the product and the service

Closing discussion

End of Smart Mobility 2010 - no lunch
Further adjustments can occur. The organizers reserve the right to change the agenda of the conference and the identity of the speaking persons.

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